Solution Talk is pleased to share with you customer feedback from the delivery of our mediation, conflict coaching and training services.


Feedback from an Anti Social Behaviour Officer on following up case 6 months after closure - "Thank you for your involvement in resolving this case".

Feedback from a neighbour who took part in a mediation referral we received following reports of noise nuisance complaints - "the ladies I met were very professional and good at their jobs"

More great feedback from a Neighbourhood Officer following complaints  of noise nuisance - “mediation gave the tenants confidence to speak to each other without further intervention” & they said our service was “very efficient” & they were "kept informed at every stage".

Feedback from an Anti Social Behaviour Officer following an agreement reached between two neighbours over an access / right of entry dispute -  "It is very positive to hear that both parties have been able to reach an agreement, despite longstanding issues".

Feedback from a neighbour following a shuttle mediation meeting -  "you did a very professional job, you let me talk and state my case ... thank you both for respecting my voice and giving me time to explain.  You listened in a very professional way".

Feedback from a housing association - "thank you for your service and prompt response in taking it on; it has been ongoing for sometime ... it is very pleasing to hear they have made an agreement and thank you for all your work on this case it is appreciated".

Feedback from neighbour who took part in a mediation - the mediators "..... put me at ease straight away as I was very nervous.  They were empathetic and understanding.  Couldn't have wished for a better service.  Thank you so much." 

Feedback from a housing association - on following up the case 6 months after closure we asked if there had been any further contact / complaints from the neighbours.  The answer was NO. They also went on to say "Excellent result.  All seems to have calmed down and no further issues reported". 

Feedback from a referrer regarding our mediation service we asked what worked well for them, they said "Regular updates and communication".  They also said YES they  would use our service again / recommend us and that they were please with our "very professional communication and case handling". 

Feedback from neighbour who took part in a mediation "the mediators have saved me a lot of work and worry and have hopefully made life and the situation easier" 

Feedback from neighbour who took part in a mediation"Just wanted to send over a word of thanks for this evening, I've been waiting for this day to occur  and thank goodness it is done. Once again thank you and cheers for providing us with a fresh start"

Feedback about a neighbour mediation from a housing provider - "The overall service received was very good.  The referral was picked up and progressed very quickly. Thanks for enabling both parties to reach an agreement in what had been a long standing dispute".

Feedback regarding our community conference service from a local authority we asked what we could do to improve our service, they said "Nothing!  All was great"  When asked what worked well, they said "the swiftly arranged joint meeting with all parties where a suitable agreement was reached".  They also said YES they  would use our service again / recommend us and that they were kept well informed of progress.

Feedback regarding our mediation service from a housing provider It "worked seamlessly and efficiently from initial contact to outcome - saved us a lot of officer time".  When asked if they would use our service again / recommend us the answer was YES 

Feedback from a recent Neighbour Mediation, when we contacted the neighbour to carry out some follow up she said that she is "is happy with the situation now, and want to leave everything behind in 2016 and move on.  I'm happy with the way things are now and found the mediator's listened to me and were professional". 


Feedback from a Housing Officer who referred a tenant for conflict coaching - "Having an impartial party liaising with the tenant which helped them to look at the situation in a different way which in turn helped them respond differently".

Feedback on our service from a client - "Thank you so much for your time and efforts. Thank you for making me finally believe that myself and family are not nightmare neighbours". And from the referring officer - "Very happy that you were able to improve how the party felt about the situation.  A big THANK YOU".

Feedback from a Conflict Coaching clientshe said our service was "Excellent, Julie & Laura made me feel comfortable" they "worked well together and I got a lot out of the sessions". 

Feedback from a person who was referred for conflict coaching - "Thank you for your support" 

Feedback on our Conflict Coaching service from a referrer - "The customer had been complaining for a number of years, and had become intolerant to noise. The coaching appears to have resolved the situation. Very pleased with the service" .


Feedback from our December 2017 Managing Difficult Telephone Conversations Well workshop.  We asked delegates what they found most useful, here is what they said:

  • Workbook enabled me to be more engaged as could refer to it rather than make my own notes
  • How to understand the caller and be more of an active listener
  • The idea of reflecting more on my past experiences to better prepare me for future conflict
  • Active participation

We also asked them what they would be putting into practice at work:

  • Summarising, essential to providing understanding
  • Just better awareness of conversation structures and thinking about these in more detail
  • Many, however defusing strategies will certainly support me in my role

We asked for any further comments:

  • Will recommend is offered to others in organisation
  • Enjoyable - Laura and Julie were very good

Feedback from our December 2017 Liverpool University Law Students on their Mediation Taster Day, here's what some of the students who attended said about what they found most useful:

  • explanations from Julie & Laura and then split into groups to put it into practice
  • the exercises, they made the knowledge easier to understand
  • the role plays
  • the booklets and guidance on tasks and the group work was very useful in understanding mediation
  • how interactive it was and the booklet was really helpful too

We also asked them what skills would they put into practice following the training, here is what some of them said:

  • interpersonal skills, ie reframing points
  • gained an insight into mediation which will help when deciding my career path
  • impartiality and reframing

We asked if they had any further comments and they told us:

  • fab day, really enjoyable.  Trainers were friendly and approachable and made it fun
  • quite enjoyed the group tasks and working with different people each time
  • thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, thank you

Feedback from our November 2017 Managing Difficult Conversations Well workshop.  We asked delegates what they found most useful, here is what they said:

  • The delivery was lively and interactive (it wasn't boring!).  The course was detailed and well structured.
  • Taking time to reflect on what to say and how to handle situations
  • Making you think about what to say and how to say things differently
  • How to put conversations in a "nice" way
  • Stepping back and thinking before we have those difficult conversations

We also asked them what they would be putting into practice at work:

  • To prepare for those difficult conversations
  • Smile, positive attitude
  • How to better prepare for a difficult conversation / situation
  • Think about my approach and wording

Feedback from the October 2017 North West Mediation Network DayWe asked delegates if the event met their expectations and why, here's what they told us:

  • Group supervision was very good, interesting to hear variety of comments
  • Lots of valuable learning from group supervision.  Really enjoyed the diversity of cases to reflect upon.
  • Networking was great
  • As a new mediator it was particularly helpful to meet other mediators and hear about the challenging cases and issues
  • Great presentation, learnt a great deal particularly about scaling questions.  Supervision topics spread into many really interesting areas, very useful
  • Always interesting to hear how mediation is applied in different ways and the tools that facilitate that process
  • Yes, case discussion reflective practice was particularly useful
  • Yes, meeting other mediators, listening to other ideas. Liked idea of using scale in posing questions, will take that away

Feedback from our October 2017 Mediation Refresher Workshopwhen asked what they found most useful the mediators said:

  • Discussions, learning from what others say and questions they raise.  New ideas and ways of thinking about the process
  • Self reflection tools, shared experience, overcoming barriers or blockers
  • Self are aspects and the role plays - they really help to practice my skill set
  • All of the training was useful and effective

We asked for any further comments and they told us:

  • Was great, lovely trainers!
  • Found the session very useful, thank you
  • Really enjoyed the day
  • Two great facilitators, both had great rapport
  • Really enjoyed the day and really professionally delivered

Feedback from our 28 June 2017 Conflict Coaching Workshop, when asked which aspects of the training did they find most useful people said:

  • All of it, especially the role play
  • Very experienced, positive, skilled trainers.  The activities were engaging & well placed for learning & consolidating.  
  • I really enjoyed every element of training - input / handouts / role play

We also asked how we could improve the workshop & here is what the delegates said:

  • I think it would be great to have 2 days for this training, so much to take in
  • N/A it was well prepared and delivered
  • More time for questions & answers & reflection & debate

We then asked for any further comments & this is what they said:

  • Really good balance between structure and genuine open discussion.  Got through a lot but felt spacious and smooth
  • Really helpful day; facilitators were great at engaging the group
  • Lovely energetic trainers, good content, great venue & refreshments
  • Great session, would have liked longer
  • Really enjoyed the day, lots to take away and use

Feedback from our recent Difficult Conversations Workshops, delivered for Manchester City Council. When asked which aspects of the training did they find most useful people said:

  • Good breakdown of information using different methods to communicate and learn
  • Working in different groups and the variation in training methods for each topic
  • I liked how interactive the course was
  • Areas covered on difficult situations, it allowed me to understand myself better and take something positive from it


Your feedback enables us to improve the service we offer by helping us to identify areas for improvement and better ways of working.  We would love to hear about your experience of using our service, what we did well and what didn't work so well for you.

Solution Talk recognises there may be times when people wish to raise a concern more formally and make a complaint about the service they have received.  For more information regarding how we handle complaints please contact us for a copy of our complaints procedure or click here to follow a link to an online version.

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