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Laura Kirkpatrick - College of Mediators Approved Mediator, Civil Mediation Council Registered Mediator, Conflict Coach, Restorative Justice Facilitator, Professional Practice Consultant & Trainer  

Laura has over 16 years experience working in the field of conflict resolution and is an Accredited Mediator, Professional Practice Consultant, Trainer and Restorative Justice Facilitator.

She has run a local authority mediation service which provided mediation in a number of fields, including neighbour disputes, homelessness, workplace, commercial, family and community conference cases; in addition Restorative Justice cases. This involved an annual caseload of 250 plus referrals, management of the mediation team (including over 40 volunteers) and design and delivery of their comprehensive training portfolio.

Laura has developed a number of workshops – including a range of Communication & Conflict Management workshops, which could be mixed and matched to suit the clients need. She also developed a Conflict Coaching workshop, Transforming Family Conflict Workshop and many other short 1 – 2 hour workshops developing specific areas of mediation practice.

In addition to her work above she has a number of voluntary positions. She has been actively involved with the North West Mediation Network since it’s commencement in 2011 and now co-ordinates all the network days, with the contribution of it's members to the content of each event. More recently she was appointed to the board of the Midlands Mediation Network as the Marketing Coordinator in March 2015, followed by appointment as a Board Member to the College of Mediators in October 2015.

Julie Farrell - College of Mediators Approved Mediator, Civil Mediation Council Registered Mediator, Conflict Coach, Restorative Justice Facilitator, Professional Practice Consultant & Trainer

Over the past twelve years Julie has worked on hundreds of cases and has mediated and facilitated a wide range of disputes; from homelessness, neighbour, family and workplace through to civil & commercial, special educational needs, community conferences and restorative justice.

In the past, Julie has worked within a local authority mediation service; mediating, managing casework & referrals, supervising over 40 active volunteers as well as being instrumental in the continuous professional development of all the mediators within the service.

She is qualified in Interpersonal, Civil & Commercial, Workplace, SEND's and Family Mediation and undertook additional training that enables her to consult with children and young people. She has also delivered Level 2 Restorative Justice Conferences on behalf of Greater Manchester Police. She delivers conflict coaching to individuals on a one to one basis, to enable them to develop strategies that can help them transform their conflict.

She is actively involved in the North West Network of Mediators, delivering workshops and mediation practice supervision to its members. Julie also attends Midlands Mediation Network events and was appointed as a Director on the board of the College of Mediators in November 2016. She is passionate about reflective practice and engages in a process of continuous learning and professional development, attending external supervision.   



In addition to the Partners, Solution Talk also draws upon the expertise of its Associate Mediators / Facilitators to help support the provision of mediation, coaching and restorative justice interventions. 

All our Associate Mediators / Facilitators have received accredited training in Interpersonal Mediation Skills, along with additional training in Conflict Coaching and Restorative Justice.  Further, they are all members of the College of Mediators (or for our new Associate Mediators / Facilitators they will be working towards the requirements for this during their first year with us).  Solution Talk requires all its mediators and facilitators to take part in its Annual Accreditation Programme, which establishes a minimum annual commitment toward supervision, continuous professional development and working with parties in disputes.

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