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Solution Talk comprises an expert team of mediators and facilitators dedicated to providing diverse conflict resolution methods, assisting people in finding positive outcomes to their conflicts. Additionally, we equip others with the skills and knowledge for effective conflict resolution through our approved and certified training programmes.


Our trainers bring extensive experience in mediation, restorative justice, communication, and conflict management training. From half-day sessions to our comprehensive 5-day Interpersonal Mediation Skills Foundation Course, we offer a range of training courses to suit various needs.


We are able to mediate a variety of disputes, including interpersonal, Neighbour, WorkplaceFamily and Commercial and disputes between those supporting a loved one with Special Educational Needs and local authorities. Visit our website or Making a Referral page for more information.

Conflict Coaching

Our personalised  Conflict Coaching support service empowers individuals to instigate positive change by assisting them to identify strategies to alleviate their challenges and regain control. Learn more about  Conflict Coaching by visiting our web page.

Restorative Justice

Restorative justice is a collaborative approach to conflict resolution that focuses on repairing harm, acknowledging responsibility, and promoting healing for all the parties involved. We have assisted participants achieve positive outcomes addressing theft, assault, drug use, arson, and possession of a weapon. Learn more on our Mediation and Restorative Justice page.


Professional Practice Supervision

Our Professional Practice Consultants (PPCs) are accredited by The College of Mediators and provide both one-on-one and group mediation practice supervision. This supervision promotes reflective practice and facilitates continuous professional development for mediators and facilitators. For more information, please visit our Mediator Support and Events page.

Our mediators and facilitators collaborate with individuals in dispute to empower them to achieve agreements or resolutions that are mutually satisfactory. By guiding them to focus on their needs and envisioning a future where disputes are resolved, we facilitate constructive outcomes. Our conflict resolution services not only minimise stress but also offers a cost-effective alternative to other dispute resolution approaches.

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"Trainers were great at explaining things and giving examples which helped you to understand better. Really great trainers - friendly and helpful"

"It was very interactive and the language used to deliver the content was easy to understand. Loads of good examples were provided during this course"

Interesting topics that I ordinarily wouldn't have the opportunity to learn about, ie child mediation. Also enjoyed the games - fun way to learn and keep people engaged. Really enjoyable as always, and a splendid lunch. Thanks

Feedback from our 2020 North West Mediation Network event

"Great structure, well paced & interactive. The whole course was brilliant, particularly the role plays. Just a big thank you for being approachable, encouraging openness & encouraging us to feel confident"

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