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Solution Talk is a specialist panel of professionals with combined experience of over 30 years working as mediators and facilitators.  

  • Training - our trainers have extensive experience of providing mediation, restorative justice, communication and conflict management training.  Our courses range from half day sessions to our 5 day interpersonal mediation skills foundation course. Why not take a look at our Training Courses page?
  • Mediation - we are able to mediate all types of disputes and have extensive experience mediating interpersonal, Neighbour, Workplace, Special Education Needs Disputes, Family and Commercial disputes. For more information take a look at the above pages on our website or Making a Referral page.
  • Conflict Coaching - we can work with individuals to help them bring about positive change.  We help empower people to take responsibility and deal with their own problems.  Check out our Conflict Coaching page for more details.
  • Restorative Justice - we have experience of working a range of restorative cases where harm has been caused and acknowledged by the wrongdoer.  Agreements have been reached at conferences in cases of theft, assault, drug use, arson and possession of a weapon. Please see our Other Services page for more information.
  • Professional Practice Supervision - our PPCs are able to offer 1:1 and group supervision, which supports your work as a mediator / facilitator with the focus on reflective practice.  It offers the opportunity to learn from others, debrief / offload following complex cases and encourages continuous professional development.  More details are available on our Mediator Support and Events page.

Our mediators / facilitators work with people to empower them to reach an agreement or resolution they can all live with. We help people focus on their needs and how their future could be if they work towards putting disagreements to one side. Our intervention minimises costs and is a good value alternative to other types of dispute resolution approaches.

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Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Conflict Coaching & Training