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Feedback from our August 2019 Interpersonal Mediation Foundation Training course at Liverpool University, here is what the delegates told us:

  • Everything about the training cannot be faulted, from the way information was being communicated to the intensity of the training to the mention but a few.  My only recommendation would be that you keep up the good work!  You were awesomazing!
  • So informative, so interesting.  Laura and Jules are so lovely and engaging. Thank you so much.  Loved it!
  • Training was delivered in an engaging way that kept us on our toes for the whole time.  Trainers worked amazingly together in an effective way.  Very friendly, nice atmosphere.  Thank you for an amazing week.
  • Feedback and interactive nature helped to put theory into practice and develop understanding.  Thank you

Feedback from our May 2019 North West Mediation Network event, here is what people said they enjoyed:

  •  Thought provoking ideas for future practice.  Venue and lunch excellent.
  • Great practical advice re online mediation - feel like I've learnt lots!
  • Interesting topics on areas of mediation totally new to me - fascinating insight.  Thanks
  • Thank you to the wonderful Liz Tait for sharing her wisdom and enthusiasm for online mediation.  Full of practical tips and opportunities to evaluate scenarios!  Food for thought!  Interesting to listen to David's session on an area of mediaiton I am less familiar with.
Feedback from our April / May 2019 Interpersonal Mediation Foundation Training course in Manchester, here's what our newly trained mediators told us:

  • Very informative and tailored to needs and environments of each person.  Jules and Laura are inspirational. Nothing is too much trouble for them.  Thank you
  • The balance of support and challenge was excellent.  Very knowledgeable trainers!  Excellent - thank you so much, you're brilliant
  • I really loved how informal and interactive the sessions were.  It's quite nerve wracking doing role play but we were really put on ease from the beginning.  The trainers were so knowledgeable and shared so much.  A brilliant course and I will absolutely recommend Solution Talk as a trainer and a provider of services!
  • Friendly, encouraging atmosphere.  Lots of real life examples used so you can put it into practice. Lots of positivity!  Fantastic teachers - you put us all at ease with your good humour and your knowledge was fantastic.  Thanks ladies
  • Brilliant! Very informative and engaging.  The trainers energy is so infectious and encouraging.  Thank you so much for the opportunity.
Feedback from our bespoke Conflict Coaching workshop in April 2019 "Trainers very passionate and knowledgable about the subject matter.  Receptive to questions and discussion. Small group so much more informal and relaxed, so more shared learning"

Feedback from our March 2019 Mediation Taster Workshop for Liverpool University Law Students.   We asked which aspects of the workshop they found most useful, they said:

  • Reframing ways of communication and looking at more than one perspective
  • Assignments and practical exercises, eg role plays
  • The opportunity to practice skills in groups helps understand them more; lets you get more out of it
We also asked what we could do to improve the workshop, they said "As of today, it was excellent"

We then asked for any further comments and they told us:
  • It's a great workshop, learned a lot!
  • Very interesting and engaging
  • Thank you, great day

Feedback from our Managing, Understanding & Resolving Conflict workshop for Huddersfield University. We asked which aspects of the the training they found most useful, they said:

  • Self awareness, communication & role plays
  • All of it, the balance between presentation and interactive tasks was good

We asked what we could do to improve the training, they told us - "Longer session"

We also asked what skills they had learnt that they will use in the future and they told us:

  • Terminology, better understanding of the role I play in terms of response / body language / tone
  • I am already going to amend a draft appeal outcome letter on the basis of this training


Feedback from a Compliance & Enforcement Officer when we followed up on a closed tenant / landlord case - "The service has been useful ... due to both parties not being able to agree a remedy themselves. Thank you for providing a controlled professional service with a positive outcome for all parties"
Feedback from a parent in a SENDs mediation case -
" I was really pleased with the prompt response to take our case and all the support and advice given to enable us to move forward quickly and efficiently . We were treated really well. The mediators were welcoming and friendly ...  I fully recommend Solution Talk  service to others in a similar situation.".
Feedback from a professional in a SENDs mediation case - 
"Laura and Julie, lovely to meet you both today, thank you for listening to all parties, the meeting was well chaired with appropriate questioning"
Feedback from a Tenancy Enforcement Officer when we follow up a closed multi-party mediation case
"The service you've provided was reliable, friendly, efficient and good value. Prior to bringing you in we were considering 3 or 4 injunctions, which would have cost £1500 - £5000 in legal fees to obtain depending on if they were contested. That is before we look at officer time in preparing these. I would have no hesitation in using you again or recommending you to partners"
Feedback from a professional in a SENDs mediation case - 
"Very positive and inclusive mediation . I liked that the Parent was supported to fully give their views and was put at ease and listened to"
Feedback from a Housing Officer following closure of a neighbour dispute mediation referral
You are doing a brilliant job, and providing a brilliant service, keep it up"  and when we asked them what worked well from their perspective they said "Your commitment to providing an efficient service. You always kept all parties updated, and dealt with this case promptly"

Feedback from both parties in a workplace mediation case - "Julie and Laura put us both very quickly at ease and created the right conditions for open dialogue to take place.  Thank you" and "Laura and Julie were both lovely and understanding and immediately put me at ease to discuss what had been a very difficult situation, and helped me evaluate this from all sides and begin the process of moving on"
Feedback from a party in a workplace mediation case
"Excellent service, kept informed of situation from beginning. Actively listened and highlighted the positive points, where common ground could be found"

Feedback from an Anti Social Behaviour Officer when we followed up on a closed case "Once again, intervention by Solution Talk has resolved a longstanding neighbour nuisance dispute. I really appreciate all the great work carried out by Solution Talk, along with the enquiry 6 months down the line to see if the case is closed or open. It is evident that Solution Talk are keen to know whether matters have been resolved, which is greatly appreciated"

Feedback from an Anti Social Behaviour Officer when we followed up on a closed case "Solution Talk provided a first class service, keeping me informed of ... progress of the referral process. The complaint was between 3 parties ... and all parties are now living peacefully alongside one another and there have been no further complaints"

Feedback from a party in a tenant / landlord mediation case - "All I can say is excellent! I felt comfortable talking and opening up about my current situation. Something I thought that couldn't be resolved was with your help! Thank you for everything"
Feedback from a neighbour when following up on a closed case
“It seems your intervention may have worked ... I can’t believe that after nearly 5 years, their petty & tiresome actions have come to an end ... thank you for all your help” 
Feedback from a parent in a family relationship case about co-parenting
- "The whole service and approach was professional from start to finish. I appreciated the initial talk at my home with the mediators and they understood my reasons why I required the service. I thought it (the service) was professional and impartial ... (the mediators were) very kind, considerate and understanding"
Feedback from a neighbour who took part in a Community Conference - " Thank you for your time and effort last night. I feel a lot better for it, how things will go from now on we'll wait and see"

Feedback from a participant in a Restorative Justice case "Great service, lovely people to talk to".  When asked about the service they received they gave us a 5/5 and said they would recommend our service to others in similar situations.

Feedback from a parent in a SENDs mediation case we worked on recently - "A very big thank you Julie and Laura for today.  We are really pleased with the outcome"


Feedback from an ASB Officer when we follow up 6 months after the case closed -  "This case has been successfully dealt with by referring to Solution Talk, providing support to the complainant for coping strategies. Once again, another great outcome achieved by Solution Talk. Thank you."

Feedback from an ASB Officer when we follow up 6 months after the case closed -  "Wonderful service by great professionals - I would definitely recommend!".  They also told us that they had received no further contact or complaints from the neighbour they referred for coaching.

Feedback from an ASB Officer  when we followed up 6 months after the case closed "Excellent service which has now eliminated the complaint and reduced demand on Manchester City Council, thank you!"

Feedback from client following closure of the case - they told us they were "impressed with the speed in which I could talk to you" and that they felt their situation had improved and would recommend our service to others who found themselves in a similar situation.

Feedback from an ASB Officer following closure of a case  they told us our service was "Excellent – from start to finish. The response to my request was instant, knowing that it has been picked up straight away provided me with confidence in the service".  We also asked how we could improve the service, they said " Nothing – you can’t improve perfection!".  They also said "response times were excellent as were the updates right up until the matter was closed/resolved"

Feedback from an ASB Team Leader following closure of a case, in which we provided coaching support for a trial witness - "As always, a fantastic service with fantastic outcomes" and when asked what worked well from their perspective they said "Positive outcomes for the complainant. Providing additional support which we were not in a position to provide".

Feedback from a client following closure of her case "I'm very grateful for the support I have received from Julie which has been much appreciated"


Your feedback enables us to improve the service we offer by helping us to identify areas for improvement and better ways of working.  We would love to hear about your experience of using our service, what we did well and what didn't work so well for you.

Solution Talk recognises there may be times when people wish to raise a concern more formally and make a complaint about the service they have received.  For more information regarding how we handle complaints please contact us for a copy of our complaints procedure or click here to follow a link to an online version.

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