Solution Talk is continuing to work safely and remotely, offering mediation, conflict coaching and telephone support services either online (Zoom, Skype), by telephone (video, Face Time) and via email as an alternative to face to face meetings. Please contact us to discuss further or for a copy of our COVID19 policy.

Our flexible approach to delivering our mediation service in this current climate is evident in feedback received our referrers following closure of a mediation case:

  • you’ve done a great job there with a case which was particularly tricky given the expectations and needs of the complainant. It was a case that would’ve been fraught with difficulties if mediation hadn’t been put in place and the successful outcome that you have achieved. Thank you again”
  • “Really appreciate the service you have provided, I was finding it difficult to find a resolution for both parties and felt that the complaint could go on and on without your intervention. I will be contacting my colleagues with the details / outcome of the mediation”

Following a zoom online meeting with two neighbours in dispute over a noise issue here is what one of them told us about their experience “I thought it went really well. I’m very hopeful that things will remain civil between us and we can put the previous few months behind us. Thanks again for your efforts in helping us turn this corner, it’s very much appreciated.”