Solution Talk are pleased to announce that their Interpersonal Mediation Skills Foundation Training is now certified by The CPD Certification Service

The aim of this course is to provide high quality, certified training which equips people with the skills needed to start mediating in community, workplace, homelessness and family relationship disputes. The course aims to;

  • Explore what conflict means for people and enable them to understand different responses to conflict
  • Communicate clearly what mediation is and how it compares with other resolution methods
  • Build understanding of how people in disputes think, feel and behave, and how this contributes to the dispute
  • Enhance your self-awareness and develop reflective practice
  • To cover the mediation process
  • To give you practice in using mediation skills
  • To help you decide what is mediatable and what is not
  • Enable people to deal with conflict more effectively

Our training is also approved by the College of Mediators