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Most of us have neighbours, and for most of the time we get along sorting out any difficulties or disagreements, with a chat over the garden wall. Sometimes, however, communication breaks down and disagreements or persistent complaints can turn into more significant problems.

When disputes between neighbours arise - or a conflict in your street or community - then mediation might be the answer.  Conflict between neighbours is common and causes a lot of upset, stress, bad feeling and anxiety for everyone involved.  Mediation helps people communicate better, understand different perspectives and work out mutually acceptable solutions.

Common issues that we deal with involve noise, difference in lifestyles, breakdown in communication, parking, pets, property maintenance and children's behaviour.  Mediation is a quick and cost effective way of resolving these types of disputes, that enables those affected by the dispute to stay in control, have a say in the outcome and what happens next.

Our mediators have extensive experience of working with neighbours in dispute to help them resolve their issues in a structured and positive way.  We help neighbours to clear up misunderstandings and agree practical steps for how to make things better between them.  

For housing providers and local authorities community mediation can be a cost effective way of reducing demand on overstretched services, encouraging residents to be more self determined and contributing to more cohesive communities and neighbourhoods.  

For more information on costs, how mediation works and to make a referral please visit our Making A Referral  page.

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