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Neighbour & Community Mediation

Most of us enjoy harmonious relationships with our neighbours, often resolving minor conflicts with a friendly chat over the garden wall. However, there are occasions when communication falters, and what began as minor disagreements can escalate into more significant issues.

When disputes emerge between neighbours, or conflicts arise within your street or community, mediation offers a constructive path forward. Conflicts among those in the community are not uncommon and can lead to considerable upset, stress, and anxiety for all those involved. Mediation serves as a valuable tool in fostering improved communication, promoting understanding of differing perspectives, and facilitating the negotiation of mutually acceptable resolutions.

Typical issues addressed in neighbour and community mediation include noise disturbances, lifestyle differences, breakdowns in communication, parking disputes, pet-related conflicts, property maintenance concerns, and disagreements regarding children’s behaviour. Mediation provides a swift and cost-effective means of resolving such disputes, empowering those affected to retain control over the process and have a voice in determining the outcome and future actions.

Our mediators have extensive experience, specialising in assisting neighbours in conflict to navigate their issues constructively and positively. We excel in facilitating open dialogue, clearing up misunderstandings, and guiding parties toward mutually beneficial resolutions.

Community mediation not only benefits individual neighbours but also presents an efficient solution for housing providers and local authorities. By alleviating strain on already stretched resources, community mediation offers a cost-effective avenue for reducing service demands. Moreover, it empowers residents to take ownership of their conflicts, fostering self-determination and contributing to the cultivation of more cohesive communities and neighbourhoods.

For further details on costs, the mediation process, or to initiate a referral, we invite you to explore our  Making A Referral  page.

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Yesterday I had a mediated meeting with Laura and Judy and they were brilliant. The family are very challenging and we made great headway. Thank you so much!

Feedback from a Greater Manchester Headteacher following a meeting between themselves and one of their parents following a breakdown in communication

I have used your service twice now and found it to be excellent on both occasions. In this case the residents were contacted very quickly after the referral was submitted and the sessions arranged. The residents made great progress in understanding each other's issues and were able to move on positively. To date we have not received any further complaints regarding the other party.

Feedback from a Cheshire Housing Officer when we followed up on a closed neighbour mediation referral

Very happy with the service provided, dealt with very quickly and accommodating to the customers wishes

Feedback from Cheshire Neighbourhood Safety Officer following closure of a neighbour mediation dispute

I would like to thank you for your time and effort to try and resolve this matter. I feel much better to live in my home with my children.

Feedback from a Nottingham resident following an agreement they reached with their neighbour at a online mediation meeting

The preparation, and the sensitivity of the mediators to the needs of everyone on the call was exceptional, in difficult circumstances, with parties not having met like this for two years, and holding some pretty entrenched views. Thank you for offering this service to us - it really is most important. Thanks to our mediators, Laura and Karen for such intelligence and compassion.

Feedback from a Manchester resident following agreement reached in a 4 party neighbour dispute

This was very challenging, and it was clear from the outset that there was little desire to be constructive. Our mediators were very quick to respond to the needs of different parties. The mediators held no bias and made sure that the discussion moved on, once a point was made. They also made sure that the less vocal of the group were given equal chance to air their views.

Feedback from a Manchester resident following agreement reached in a 4 party neighbour dispute

I'd just like to give you an interim update regarding our mediation that you conducted earlier this year. We can't quite believe it, but we've had about 5 weeks of silence. I'm not sure what you said (that we didn't over the years) but it's working and we are very grateful. We look forward to reporting the same on our next check-up

Feedback from a Manchester resident following agreement reached with a neighbour after 10 years of conflict

You are amazing at keeping me updated throughout the process and offer a great service to the customers. Thank you for all your hard work on this case

Feedback from a Manchester Anti Social Behaviour Officer regarding our Community Mediation service

Prompt and informative service. Keep doing what you are doing, no complaints, only praise.

Feedback from a Community Safety Officer when we closed a Greater Manchester Neighbour Mediation case

Mediation worked very well for this case and you guys did brilliant. Keeping me informed all along. So far there has been no issues. I will be using your services in the future too and have also told my colleagues.

Feedback from a Tenancy Enforcement Officer when we followed up on a closed Leicester Neighbour Mediation case
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