Solution Talk Conflict Coaching


This is about working with individuals to help them bring about positive change and empower them to take responsibility for their problem.  Our facilitators work with individuals to help them find their own solutions that will work for them by encouraging them to develop their own plan and make small changes one step at a time.  Added together these small changes build into long lasting solutions.  It works because our facilitators help people identify coping strategies and ways to move forward using some of the following techniques by getting people to:

  • identify what they have control over
  • shift their focus from problems to solutions
  • plan for setbacks
  • identify and build on their own resources
  • set goals, then scale and measure progress
  • find exceptions to the problem
  • recognise change and highlight this

This technique works well in a variety of situations:

  • where people are experiencing problems in their environment (and mediation is not suitable)
  • for managers tasked with managing staff who demonstrate high conflict behaviours
  • for people who have suffered anti social behaviour and require additional support
  • for family members who require practical support coping with a difficult situation, eg caring for relatives, child / parent issues, bereavement, risk of homeless, etc
  • to resolve conflict in a dysfunctional team - involving conflict coaching with individuals followed by facilitation of an agreement with the whole team that identifies acceptable behaviours and a team charter
  • for people stuck in a negative pattern of responding / behaving
  • where people are looking to make a positive change and need help to achieve this
  • before a formal workplace investigation, to consider options before a formal process is commenced - often resulting in direct / indirect savings in costs, time, legal proceedings, staff absence, stress, etc
  • for people who are anxious about a particular situation / change
  • following a workplace investigation as support for those involved, who may find themselves in conflict with colleagues or the organisations as a result of the investigation outcomes

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