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Conflict coaching is a transformative process designed to empower individuals to instigate positive changes and take ownership of their challenges. Our facilitators collaborate with individuals to assist them in discovering personalised solutions, encouraging them to devise their own action plans and implement incremental changes step by step. Through this approach, the cumulative effect of small adjustments leads to lasting solutions.

Our facilitators employ a range of techniques to facilitate progress, including:

  • Helping individuals identify areas within their control
  • Shifting focus from problems to solutions
  • Planning for setbacks and resilience building
  • Identifying and harnessing personal resources
  • Setting and scaling achievable goals, while measuring progress
  • Recognising exceptions to the problem and highlighting positive changes

Conflict coaching is effective in various contexts, including:

  • Addressing environmental challenges where mediation may not be suitable
  • Providing assistance to individuals affected by antisocial behaviour
  • Offering practical support to family members navigating difficult situations such as caregiving, parent-child issues, bereavement, or risk of homelessness
  • Assisting individuals in breaking negative behavioural patterns
  • Guiding individuals seeking positive change
  • Providing support to individuals experiencing anxiety related to specific situations or changes
  • Supporting managers in dealing with high-conflict staff behaviours
  • Resolving conflict within a dysfunctional team by coaching individuals to address their specific concerns, followed by a team-wide agreement, establishing a team charter for improved cohesion and productivity.
  • Preparing individuals for formal workplace investigations, potentially mitigating costs, time, and stress associated with legal proceedings
  • Offering post-investigation support to individuals involved in conflicts arising from investigation outcomes

Our conflict coaching support approach is tailored to each individual’s needs, providing personalised guidance and support to facilitate meaningful and sustainable change.

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Great support for a very sensitive situation. We're very lucky to have your offer of support for our residents who've been affected by ASB and criminal activity.

Feedback from ASB Service Manager following closure of a Conflict Coaching referral for a victim of Anti Social Behaviour

Thank you, this case was taking up a lot of time and I was concerned about the distress Hannah was experiencing so it is good she is now able to manage.

Feedback from Neighbourhood Housing Officer when we followed up with them regarding our Conflict Coaching service that we provided for one of their tenants

The referral was picked up by yourselves quickly and you actioned the 1 to 1 support quickly, which is just what my resident needed. I was updated throughout by yourselves and never had to chase for an update. The service you provide is outstanding.

Feedback from an Anti Social Behaviour Case Officer following closure of a Conflict Coaching neighbour referral

The support you provide to my complainants is invaluable, not only for them but for my own casework. It is always a pleasure to refer cases to yourselves, as I have the confidence that everything is actioned in a timely manner, along with regular updates.

Feedback from an ASB Case Officer following closure of a Conflict Coaching referral

I cannot fault your amazing work. Thank you for the support and work your team put into this referral.

Feedback from an Anti Social Behaviour Case Officer following closure of a Conflict Coaching referral for a Manchester resident

The service was really good and helped me reconsider how I was feeling about the noise and disturbance. It allowed me to take a step back from it and think about it differently and be less reactive. Thank you

Feedback from a Manchester resident about our Conflict Coaching service

In my experience of the service, it was really inspiring and I felt you provided me with a really safe space and helped me recapture my resilience. I really want to thank you for all your help and support.

Feedback from a Greater Manchester resident following closure of their Conflict Coaching case

"I took a lovely call from Cllr xxx today - they were really, really grateful for the service you provided and thought it was excellent. It's fantastic that we can offer this type of quality support, to any victim of ASB, be it a member of the public, an employee, a manager... thank you for providing a brilliant service"

Feedback from an ASB Service Manager about our Conflict Coaching service

I had my first session with Laura from Solution Talk this morning. I found it incredibly useful – thank you so much for this opportunity. She has given me some useful tips and homework to use for my calls in order to cope better. Also, she has given me a follow-up appointment for in a weeks' time to see how I am doing. I just found it very helpful and insightful.

Feedback from a Call Centre employee (following some very challenging and abusive calls) regarding their experience of the support provided by our Conflict Coaching service
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