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Tenant / Landlord Mediation:

For private sector landlords entangled in disputes with their tenants or with tenants in conflict with another resident, mediation offers a swift and cost-effective resolution alternative to court proceedings. Whether concerning property maintenance, garden upkeep, or inter-resident complaints, our mediation service facilitates amicable resolutions.

Family Relationships:

Our mediation service aids families in navigating difficulties and resolving disputes through safe and constructive dialogue facilitated by our mediators. Common issues addressed include homelessness, stepfamily dynamics, informal child access arrangements, communication breakdowns, bereavement, and care arrangements for relatives. However, we do not engage in mediating arrangements regarding property, finances, or legal matters concerning children for separating couples.

Complaints Mediation:

When issues necessitate recourse to complaints procedures, mediation serves as an initial step in resolving concerns while preserving customer relationships. Mediation facilitates mutual understanding, enables organizations to improve customer experiences, and rebuilds damaged relationships. Our service caters to various entities, including Ombudsman Services, regulatory bodies, NHS Trusts, universities, and community relations departments.


Your Path to Effective Solutions:

We understand the importance of fostering productive discussions and achieving impactful outcomes.  Our facilitated meeting service is designed to empower you on this journey. Facilitated meetings managed by experienced mediation trained facilitators, serve as a springboard for inclusive and constructive conversations, making way for innovative solutions and resolutions.  From workplace settings to community groups and educational institutions, our versatile service can adapt to your environment and needs.

Our commitment is to provide a structured platform for effective communication, ensuring that all voices are heard, and contributions valued. We facilitate discussions tailored to your objectives, whether it’s problem-solving, strategic planning, decision-making, or conflict resolution. Through this service, we aim to enhance collaboration, nurture positive relationships, and cultivate an environment where solutions flourish.

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Empowering Restoration and Healing:

Restorative Justice serves as a powerful tool for empowering individuals impacted by crime or antisocial behaviour. It facilitates reparation, reconciliation, and healing by providing a fair and inclusive process.

Harmed parties are given a voice to express their experiences, ask questions, and actively participate in identifying reparative actions. Meanwhile, wrongdoers are encouraged to take accountability for their actions and offer meaningful amends.

Our facilitators engage with all involved parties individually, laying the groundwork for a Restorative Conference. During this conference, each participant has the opportunity to share their perspective and collaboratively discuss reparative actions. Agreements reached during the conference are documented and distributed to all involved parties.

Restorative justice referrals are initiated upon acknowledgment of wrongdoing by the offender and the willingness of the harmed party to participate, ensuring a voluntary and cooperative approach to healing and resolution.

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Although this was not one of our ‘usual’ referrals, you still provided an excellent service. Thank you! Always great that you contact parties / arrange meeting quickly. And that you always keep me updated too!

Feedback from a Manchester ASB Officer following closure of a Tenant / Landlord mediation referral

"The service provided me with information about the situation I would not have received without it. It enabled me to communicate with my son on these matters and it enabled me to handle a difficult situation and alter the outcome"

Feedback from a Greater Manchester resident following participation in a Restorative Justice Conference

"The mediation seems to have cleared the air and allowed both parties to reset their relationship .. the process has been a great success so far. Thank you for such a skilled service. Well worth the money".

Feedback from a Manchester ASB Officer following closure of a Neighbour Mediation case when different lifestyles clashed
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