Solution Talk provides mediation in the following areas - neighbour, community, family relationships, workplace, commercial, SENDs and complaints


Neighbour & Community Mediation - for disputes between neighbours or a conflict in your street or community.  Common issues that we deal with involve noise, difference in lifestyles, breakdown in communication, parking, pets, property maintenance and children's behaviour.  Mediation is a quick and cost effective way of resolving these types of disputes, that enables those involved to have a say in the outcome and what happens next.

Workplace Mediation - for disputes between colleagues, line management issues or team fallouts, workplace mediation provides an ideal forum to enable everyone involved to have a safe, private conversation with our expert mediators.  Mediation is a quick, cost effective way of resolving these disputes, reducing stress for everyone involved and helping to avoid employee dispute processes. 

Tenant / Landlord Mediation - for private sector landlords who are in dispute with their tenants OR for private landlords who have tenants that are in dispute with another resident.  Maybe you have a concern over the maintenance of the property / garden, or a resident is making a complaint about your tenant (or vice versa) then mediation is a quick and cost effective alternative to help you resolve your dispute without having to go to court.

Family Relationships - we can work with families who want to resolve difficulties and sort out their problems by having a safe conversation with our mediators.  Common issues that we find ourselves dealing with involve homelessness, step families, informal child access arrangements, communication breakdowns, bereavements, care arrangements for relatives and families wanting to stay together.  We don't work with couples who are separating and want to make arrangements regarding property, finances and legal arrangements regarding their children.

Commercial Mediation - for disputes that involve something you are owed or something you own, for example - money, goods, boundaries, property.  Mediation is a cost effective way of resolving your dispute, saving you expensive legal fees and court costs. 

Complaints Mediation - when issues arise that require recourse to your complaints procedures, then mediation as your first step in resolving the concerns raised can maintain customer relationships, enable you to learn how you can improve your customer experience and repair and rebuild relationships.  Complaints resolution can be for Ombudsman Services, regulatory bodies, NHS Trusts, Patient Experience Teams, University Complaints Managers, Delivery Assurance, Community Relations Officers or Student Experience Officers.

SEND Mediation - we provide an independent mediation and disagreement resolution service, which is free of charge for parents/carers and young people. Our service helps to settle disagreements between parents or young people and local authorities and schools or other education providers. These disputes are often about the special educational needs and disability (SEND) of children and young people, and how best to meet their needs.  For more information on your local SENDs mediation providers please contact your local authority and view our SEND Mediation page

The services outlined are run according to the Government's SEND Code of Practice: 0 to 25 years.

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