Where there are complex workplace disputes, group conflicts or allegations of bullying / harassment, a neutral assessment can be a powerful alternative in providing real business benefits. It is not part of a formal process and so it can more easily identify underlying causes and potential solutions.

It is empowering for those involved, as they have an opportunity to be listened to with their views taken into account. We work impartially and confidentially to get their perspectives and produce a practical, realistic set of recommendations identifying how to constructively move things forward.  This will include any highlighting individual relationships in need of repair, and how to approach this, as well as interventions that will help move the team forward.

For information on costs and how to make a referral, see our Making A Referral page or contact us for more information


We empower people affected by crime or anti social behaviour and work with them to help them achieve restoration, reconciliation and healing. 

Restorative Justice is a fair process that gives people the opportunity to come together to tell their story and gives the harmed person the chance to ask questions, have them answered and have a say in how the wrongdoer can repair the harm done.  For the wrongdoer they get the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions and offer to make amends.

During the course of one day our facilitators meet with everyone individually and then, if appropriate, a Restorative Conference will follow.  At the conference everyone will be invited to describe the incident and how they have been affected by it.  Then discussion will focus on what can be done to repair the harm and any agreements reached will be recorded and copies will be distributed to those present.

 A restorative intervention can only take place if the wrongdoer admits that an offence has taken place, or that harm has been cause and if either the harmed person or wrongdoer request it and a referral is made to our service.

To make a referral  and for details regarding costs please see our Making A Referral page.


Professional mediation practice supervision is essential for anyone working in a professional capacity as a mediator, giving you the opportunity to offload and debrief when your work has impacted on you; either in a group or one to one session.

Typically our group meetings enable you to learn from each other, discuss your cases, consider a range of approaches and share your concerns, questions and successes with other professionals.

One to one sessions encourage reflection and discussion on best practice.

All supervision takes place in a confidential and safe environment and our supervisors are accredited annually by the College of Mediators.

What we charge

  • One to one supervision (1 hour) - £50 per session
  • Group supervision for up to 4 people (1 1/2 hours) - £150 per session
  • Group supervision for between 5 - 14 people (2 hours) - £250 per session

What you need to do

  • Arrange a suitable meeting place / room and refreshments
  • Provide a purchase order number or name of person who has authorised payment
  • Arrange an interpreter if required
  • Advise us if there are any particular issues / topics you would like us to cover

What Solution Talk will do

  • Arrange a mutually agreeable date / time when supervision can take place
  • Agree a price with you prior to any supervision meetings taking place

 To discuss your requirements or for more information please contact us using the details below.

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