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The aim of this course is to provide you with a high quality, accredited training course which equips you with the skills you will need to start mediating in community, workplace, homelessness and family relationship disputes.

Course Aims

  • Explore what conflict means for people and enable them to understand different responses to conflict.
  • Communicate clearly what mediation is and how it compares with other resolution methods.
  • Build understanding of how people in disputes think, feel and behave, and how this contributes to the dispute.
  • Enhance your self awareness and develop reflective practice.
  • To cover the mediation process.
  • To give you practice in using mediation skills.
  • To help you decide what is mediatable and what is not
  • Enable people to deal with conflict more effectively

This is a 40 hour / 5 day training programme offered at very competitive prices.  Starting at £1095 per person.  Group prices (for upwards of 8-14 people) can be negotiated and are available on request. Discounts available for registered charities.

Our Foundation Course is approved by the College of Mediators and is equivalent to an NVQ Level 3 qualification.

Dates for our 2021 5 day Foundation Course will be published later in the year.  The course will be run subject to minimum attendance numbers being met and will take place in Greater Manchester.  For more information please and to register your interest please email us –  


We offer two half day workshops, aimed at helping professionals understand and resolve conflict they may come across in their day to day work.

  • Part 1 – Conflict – Different Perspectives & Responses – a half day workshop that looks at conflict from a number of different perspectives, examining how conflict affects us all, our reactions to conflict and how we can start to develop strategies to manage it.
  • Part 2 – Developing Effective Communication Skills – this half day workshop builds on Part 1 and helps you explore key skills to manage low level conflict and be able to communicate effectively.


This is a one day workshop that is designed to help you work with people in conflict. You will learn how you can encourage people to talk about their conflict, explore change & build their own resources, as well as how you can facilitate that change. The workshop works on the premise that you already have excellent communication skills and have undertaken training in mediation skills or similar.


  • To understand what a person might expect from your initial visit & how this should be structured
  • Identify & refresh key skills to assist with Conflict Coaching
  • To know how each meeting should proceed and deal with common issues at this stage

Our next 1 day Conflict Coaching Workshop will be run in 2020.  If you require an inhouse course then please email us –  To see feedback from our January 2019 workshop please see our Testimonials page.


This one day course aims to give you the skills to manage those difficult or sensitive conversations that we all need to have competently and with confidence; whether they are with colleagues, customers, family or friends.


  • Understand how and why conversations can be difficult and why we avoid having them
  • Develop understanding of your own conflict responses
  • Practice the skills required to hold a challenging conversation with confidence so that you achieve your objectives and maintain positive relationships


This half day workshop explores an alternative approach to solving problems with people who have a common affiliation whether that be at home, work or socially within peer groups by applying Bowen’s System Thinking to your existing communication / mediation skill set.


  • Provide a basic understanding of Bowen’s “System Thinking”
  • Identify what may be helpful in managing anxiety in groups / families
  • Explore practical steps to develop healthy systems
  • Develop existing communication / mediation skill set through application of alternative theoretical concepts


This half day workshop introduces people to the concept of Compassionate Communication as an alternative approach to conflict resolution by developing existing communication / conflict resolution / mediation skills to address difficult situations using a collaborative approach.


  • To introduce the concept of Compassionate Communication as a tool to support conflict resolution
  • Become aware of the four main components – Observation, Feelings, Needs and Requests
  • Improve relationships with others in a constructive way by developing empathy, compassion and respectful communication
  • Resolve conflict by focusing on identifying the needs of individuals and groups rather than assigning blame
  • Develop existing communication / mediation skill set through application of alternative theoretical concepts

To see feedback from our workshops please see our Testimonials page.


Our half day workshops start from £700 and our one day workshops start from £1,200, for groups of up to 16. Discounts available for registered charities and organisations who wish to book multiple days. Please contact us for more details.

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“I would like to say thank you to you both, Julie & Laura for your time, input & professionalism shown throughout the meeting & I hope on reflection it does bring a positive outcome to the problems that should never of reached this point”

I would just like to say I was surprised how quick the mediation was concluded and really happy with the outcome" and when asked how we could improve they said "At this time I feel the service provided is invaluable and no improvements needed"

"Really appreciate the service you have provided, I was finding it difficult to find a resolution for both parties and felt that the complaint could go on and on without your intervention. I will be contacting my colleagues with the details / outcome of the mediation"

"I thought it went really well. I'm very hopeful that things will remain civil between us and we can put the previous few months behind us. Thanks again for your efforts in helping us turn this corner, it's very much appreciated."

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