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The aim of this course is to provide you with a high quality, certified training course which equips you with the skills you will need to start mediating in community, workplace, homelessness and family relationship disputes.

Course Aims

  • Explore what conflict means for people and enable them to understand different responses to conflict.
  • Communicate clearly what mediation is and how it compares with other resolution methods.
  • Build understanding of how people in disputes think, feel and behave, and how this contributes to the dispute.
  • Enhance your self awareness and develop reflective practice.
  • To cover the mediation process.
  • To give you practice in using mediation skills.
  • To help you decide what is mediatable and what is not
  • Enable people to deal with conflict more effectively

This is a 40 hour / 5 day training programme offered at very competitive prices.  Starting at £1095 per person.  Group prices (for upwards of 8-14 people) can be negotiated and are available on request. Discounts available for registered charities.

Our Foundation Course is approved by the College of Mediators and is equivalent to an NVQ Level 3 qualification and is certified by The CPD Certification Service

Dates for our 2022 5 day Foundation Course will be published later in the year.  The course will be run subject to minimum attendance numbers being met and will take place in Greater Manchester.  For more information please and to register your interest please email us –  


We offer two half day workshops, aimed at helping professionals understand and resolve conflict they may come across in their day to day work.

  • Part 1 – Conflict – Different Perspectives & Responses – a half day workshop that looks at conflict from a number of different perspectives, examining how conflict affects us all, our reactions to conflict and how we can start to develop strategies to manage it.
  • Part 2 – Developing Effective Communication Skills – this half day workshop builds on Part 1 and helps you explore key skills to manage low level conflict and be able to communicate effectively.


This is a one day workshop that is designed to help you work with people in conflict. You will learn how you can encourage people to talk about their conflict, explore change & build their own resources, as well as how you can facilitate that change. The workshop works on the premise that you already have excellent communication skills and have undertaken training in mediation skills or similar.


  • To understand what a person might expect from your initial visit & how this should be structured
  • Identify & refresh key skills to assist with Conflict Coaching
  • To know how each meeting should proceed and deal with common issues at this stage

Our next 1 day Conflict Coaching Workshop will be run in 2020.  If you require an inhouse course then please email us –  To see feedback from our January 2019 workshop please see our Testimonials page.


This one day course aims to give you the skills to manage those difficult or sensitive conversations that we all need to have competently and with confidence; whether they are with colleagues, customers, family or friends.


  • Understand how and why conversations can be difficult and why we avoid having them
  • Develop understanding of your own conflict responses
  • Practice the skills required to hold a challenging conversation with confidence so that you achieve your objectives and maintain positive relationships


This half day workshop explores an alternative approach to solving problems with people who have a common affiliation whether that be at home, work or socially within peer groups by applying Bowen’s System Thinking to your existing communication / mediation skill set.


  • Provide a basic understanding of Bowen’s “System Thinking”
  • Identify what may be helpful in managing anxiety in groups / families
  • Explore practical steps to develop healthy systems
  • Develop existing communication / mediation skill set through application of alternative theoretical concepts


This half day workshop introduces people to the concept of Compassionate Communication as an alternative approach to conflict resolution by developing existing communication / conflict resolution / mediation skills to address difficult situations using a collaborative approach.


  • To introduce the concept of Compassionate Communication as a tool to support conflict resolution
  • Become aware of the four main components – Observation, Feelings, Needs and Requests
  • Improve relationships with others in a constructive way by developing empathy, compassion and respectful communication
  • Resolve conflict by focusing on identifying the needs of individuals and groups rather than assigning blame
  • Develop existing communication / mediation skill set through application of alternative theoretical concepts

To see feedback from our workshops please see our Testimonials page.


Our half day workshops start from £700 and our one day workshops start from £1,200, for groups of up to 16. Discounts available for registered charities and organisations who wish to book multiple days. Please contact us for more details.

Contact us to discuss your training course enquiry

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I found the training to be interactive, thought-provoking and stimulating. I thought Laura and Julie did a great job of engaging the trainees and encouraging them to speak in the group. I thought that the workbook was easy to read, the exercises were easy to follow and the handout sheets were laid out excellently. The course content itself was interesting and informative, and each session was truly interesting. I thought Laura and Julie worked excellently as a team and really made me feel welcome and engaged the whole way through the training. Their approach to interactive team work and provoking thought and commentary among the trainees was excellent. I really enjoyed the course and I feel very lucky to have taken part in it and have learned as much as I did over the sessions.

Feedback from our 2021 Online "Interpersonal Mediation Foundation Course"

I liked the structure where first we learn the theory and then we get a chance to actually test out what we have learnt. Also, receiving feedback right after is invaluable. I think this is a fantastic method for teaching, particularly as it is exactly how I enjoy learning. I think the course was great, I had a lot of fun and feel like I have learnt a lot. I have recommended the course to many people that I think would be interested in it and who could benefit from it. I would like to thank you both and the Solution Talk team. Laura and Julie were amazing and it was a pleasure to learn from them.

Feedback from our 2021 Online "Interpersonal Mediation Foundation Course"

I enjoyed meeting some fellow motivated students and enjoyed learning something new that can be used in everyday life as well as open a career path. I have learned so much, it has helped considerably with my own styles of communication and dealing with new and historic conflict. I honestly think the training was excellent, and considering the circumstances with COVID, the training was informative, interactive, and engaging. Julie and Laura were happy to see everyone every session and brought great energy to every activity.

Feedback from our 2021 Online "Interpersonal Mediation Foundation Course"

The trainers were excellent - they were so friendly and motivating. The structure of the course was good- I feel like I have learnt a lot in just a month!

Feedback from our 2021 Online "Interpersonal Mediation Foundation Course"

Very good course. Laura and Julie were amazing! They are both lovely and work extremely well together. They both bring a very positive attitude to their work, which reflects throughout the teaching of the course and they both have very strong knowledge of mediation. In regard to the course itself, it creates awareness of what mediation is and what your role as a mediator is. You learn the procedure mediation goes through alongside the skills you need to develop in order to be a successful mediator. You take part in a number of role playing and team working activities which are also very useful.

Feedback from our 2021 Online "Interpersonal Mediation Foundation Course"

- I enjoyed how interactive and practical the training was, I was able to meet different people with similar interests which is difficult to do at the moment. I was able to see what a real life mediation session would look like by acting it out among us.
- I thought the informative and interactive structure of the training session was great and well thought-out. I thought Julie and Laura were great at encouraging people to engage and to use their initiative to answer questions where the answer was not immediately obvious. I also enjoyed the content of the training sessions, as it was not overly complicated but at an enjoyable, challenging level.

Feedback from our 2021 "ADR Introduction to Mediation" training delivered to students at Liverpool University

Thank you both for running the training, of which you were the best part. You were both incredibly friendly, energetic and helpful and made me feel very comfortable within the sessions. I have learnt a lot from the sessions regarding how to communicate as an impartial facilitator, and this will be useful in the future.

Feedback from our 2021 Online "Interpersonal Mediation Foundation Course"

- Interactive, good handouts and relaxed environment makes learning easy
- Excellent session, very thought provoking
- Informative, thought provoking, good learning experience. Thank you
- Clearly explained both underlying model and ways in which it could be made to work in both mediation and conflict coaching
- Well explained theory, with lots of actual examples that we then put into practice. Really enjoyed it - thank you so much

Feedback from our 2020 Conflict Coaching Training

- I liked that the trainers (both Laura and Julie) were very friendly and interactive. They were also very thorough and really taught us so much. Didn't want the session to end!
- I have developed my skills of impartiality and self awareness that I hope to use in future jobs. I have also learnt more about myself and my own conflict management style that could even be applied to personal conflicts as well as at work.

Feedback from our 2021 "ADR Introduction to Mediation" training delivered to students at Liverpool University

- I thoroughly enjoyed the training and feel like I learned a lot more about the mediation process and the qualities of a mediator. I found it really interesting to see how you can re phrase what you want to say in a much more constructive way and will use this in the future. Thank you very much!
- loved it loved it loved it !! Really think this has motivated me even more to want to train further as a mediator.
- The training was really good given the current circumstances. Offered a lot of new information, and was a great introduction into mediation training. Looking forward to utilizing these skills in the future and hope to expand on the further.

Feedback from our 2021 "ADR Introduction to Mediation" training delivered to students at Liverpool University

Here is what delegates told us they enjoyed:
- The relaxed nature of the delivery and the trainers. The interactive elements were enjoyable too and just about about right on amount and timings
- An in-depth and thought provoking training session giving mediators another tool to understand and aid effective communication in the mediation process. The trainers were patient, open and very knowledgeable, helping our team to understand key concepts and ensuring we remained engaged throughout. I would very much recommend this course to anyone looking to upskill

Feedback from our 2021 Online "Transforming Conflict with Compassionate Communication" Workshop

- I would like to thank you both for such an enjoyable, interesting course. You are both incredibly inspirational.
- Immediately hands on and practical. Lovely tone and open feeling in discussions. Great training, thank you!
- Good pace, good content, well delivered. Excellent course
- Fantastic training in a supportive environment
- The trainers are so experienced. It was structured so well. I learnt so much
- Lot of opportunity to contribute. Great pace. I really enjoyed the training and can't wait to get going.
- Great structure, well paced & interactive. The whole course was brilliant, particularly the role plays. Just a big thank you for being approachable, encouraging openness & encouraging us to feel confident.

Feedback from our 2020 Interpersonal Mediation Foundation Training course in Manchester

- Sharing of different views from different branches of this profession.
- All excellent and gave me things to think about that I could use in practice.
- Interesting topics that I ordinarily wouldn't have the opportunity to learn about, ie child mediation. Also enjoyed the games - fun way to learn and keep people engaged. Really enjoyable as always, and a splendid lunch. Thanks
- Venue, speakers, lunch - quality was exemplary. Thank you so much, thoroughly enjoyable.
- Meeting mediators who work in different settings and who have same / similar / different experiences. Excellent to keep up to date and stimulated. Thank you
- The conflict resolution tasks and the group work around working with young people. Really useful and got me to reflect on my own process.

Feedback from our 2020 North West Mediation Network event
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