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When disputes between colleagues, line management issues or team fallouts arise, workplace mediation provides an ideal forum to enable everyone involved to have a safe, private conversation with our expert mediators.  Mediation is a quick, cost effective way of resolving these disputes, reducing stress for everyone involved and helping to avoid employee dispute processes. 

Our workplace mediation service resolves complex and challenging disputes swiftly, effectively and with as little disruption as possible. Our team of experienced mediators work with all parties in a dispute to establish their underlying needs, develop understanding, establish effective communication and work out mutually acceptable solutions. 

In most cases workplace mediation cases are resolved in one day.


Where there are complex workplace disputes, group conflicts or allegations of bullying / harassment, a neutral assessment can be a powerful alternative in providing real business benefits. It is not part of a formal process and so it can more easily identify underlying causes and potential solutions.

It is empowering for those involved, as they have an opportunity to be listened to with their views taken into account. We work impartially and confidentially to get their perspectives and produce a practical, realistic set of recommendations identifying how to constructively move things forward. This will include any highlighting individual relationships in need of repair, and how to approach this, as well as interventions that will help move the team forward.

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