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In moments of conflict such as disputes between colleagues, line management challenges, or team discord, workplace mediation offers a safe and confidential environment for all parties to engage in constructive dialogue with our skilled mediators. Mediation stands as a swift, cost-effective means of resolving disputes, alleviating stress for everyone involved, and circumventing the need for lengthy employee dispute processes.

Our workplace mediation service specialises in efficiently and effectively resolving complex disputes with minimal disruption. Our team of seasoned mediators collaborates with all parties to uncover underlying needs, foster understanding, establish effective communication channels, and craft mutually acceptable solutions. In most instances, workplace mediation cases are successfully resolved within a single day.


For intricate workplace disputes, group conflicts, or allegations of bullying/harassment, a workplace neutral assessment offers a powerful alternative that yields tangible business benefits. This non-formal process is adept at uncovering root causes and potential solutions.

Participants in neutral assessments are empowered by having their voices heard and their perspectives considered. Operating impartially and confidentially, we gather insights from all stakeholders to produce practical recommendations for constructive progress. These recommendations may include strategies for repairing individual relationships and interventions to enhance overall team dynamics and productivity.

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I have never been through mediation before and was a little apprehensive, but it did help a lot. I do feel that the session helped and do wish I had the opportunity to review the ongoing issues with xxx earlier and the mediation had been considered earlier - this would have prevented a lot of unnecessary stress, time and cost.

Feedback from a Team Leader in a Local Authority regarding their experience of our workplace mediation service

Thank you very much for your help in this matter. I have had the opportunity to check in with both parties – both of which have complemented both you and Judy and highlighted how helpful and useful this process was

Feedback from a HR Adviser following closure of a workplace mediation case for two employees

I do want to thank you both for your input, kindness and understanding, to help find a way though the current situation. I value self-reflection and appreciated this opportunity, despite the high level of anxiety I felt prior to, during and after the meeting. The over-arching feeling currently is relief that we have an agreement to move forward

Feedback from a North West local authority employee regarding our Workplace Mediation service

I will be recommending this service to my colleagues in HR. All aspects from initial contact through to conclusion worked well, it was excellent, thank you.

Feedback from an HR Lead in a Workplace Mediation case, where an agreement was reached

Mediators were excellent, unfortunately I did not experience any positively from the other party, this in no way reflects on the mediators who were extremely helpful and completely professional

Feedback from an employee in a Workplace Mediation case, where an agreement was reached

"Overall, I am very happy with the service provided by yourselves. The case has been handled very professionally. Communication before, during and after the mediation has been excellent."

Feedback from a HR Manager when we followed up on a closed workplace mediation case
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