What our clients say


An absolutely fantastic company to deal with, was so good to work with one of the mediators ... would recommend this company

Feedback from an employee following closure of their workplace mediation case, in which they reached an agreement with a colleague

I have never been through mediation before and was a little apprehensive, but it did help a lot. I do feel that the session helped and do wish I had the opportunity to review the ongoing issues with xxx earlier and the mediation had been considered earlier - this would have prevented a lot of unnecessary stress, time and cost.

Feedback from a Team Leader in a Local Authority regarding their experience of our workplace mediation service

Yesterday I had a mediated meeting with Laura and Judy and they were brilliant. The family are very challenging and we made great headway. Thank you so much!

Feedback from a Greater Manchester Headteacher following a meeting between themselves and one of their parents following a breakdown in communication

Thank you very much for your help in this matter. I have had the opportunity to check in with both parties – both of which have complemented both you and Judy and highlighted how helpful and useful this process was.

Feedback from a HR Adviser following closure of a workplace mediation case for two employees

I do want to thank you both for your input, kindness and understanding, to help find a way though the current situation. I value self-reflection and appreciated this opportunity, despite the high level of anxiety I felt prior to, during and after the meeting. The over-arching feeling currently is relief that we have an agreement to move forward

Feedback from a North West local authority employee regarding our Workplace Mediation service

I have used your service twice now and found it to be excellent on both occasions. In this case the residents were contacted very quickly after the referral was submitted and the sessions arranged. The residents made great progress in understanding each other's issues and were able to move on positively. To date we have not received any further complaints regarding the other party.

Feedback from a Cheshire Housing Officer when we followed up on a closed neighbour mediation referral

Very happy with the service, dealt with very quickly and accommodating to the customers wishes

Feedback from Cheshire Neighbourhood Safety Officer following closure of a neighbour mediation dispute

I would like to thank you for your time and effort to try and resolve this matter. I feel much better to live in my home with my children.

Feedback from a Nottingham resident following an agreement they reached with their neighbour at a online mediation meeting

The preparation, and the sensitivity of the mediators to the needs of everyone on the call was exceptional, in difficult circumstances, with parties not having met like this for two years, and holding some pretty entrenched views. Thank you for offering this service to us - it really is most important. Thanks to our mediators, Laura and Karen for such intelligence and compassion.

Feedback from a Manchester resident following agreement reached in a 4 party neighbour dispute

I'd just like to give you an interim update regarding our mediation that you conducted earlier this year. We can't quite believe it, but we've had about 5 weeks of silence. I'm not sure what you said (that we didn't over the years) but it's working and we are very grateful. We look forward to reporting the same on our next check-up

Feedback from a Manchester resident following agreement reached with a neighbour after 10 years of conflict

Prompt and informative service. Keep doing what you are doing, no complaints, only praise.

Feedback from a Community Safety Officer following closure of a Greater Manchester Neighbour Mediation case

This group was very challenging, and it was clear from the outset that there was little desire to be constructive. Our mediators were very quick to respond to the needs of different parties. The mediators held no bias and made sure that the discussion moved on, once a point was made. They also made sure that the less vocal of the group were given equal chance to air their views.

Feedback from a Manchester resident following agreement reached in a 4 party neighbour dispute


"I like that it involved interactive sessions such as role playing, discussions and group activities. Very much enjoyed the workshop"

"I enjoyed the atmosphere and consumability of the content and the way the trainers explained things. I had a great time"

"Good pace, well presented, lots of information"

"I liked how comprehensive the training was and how it covered a lot of different areas and types of mediation. Really great workshop"

Feedback from some of the students who recently attended our April 2024 ADR Mediation Skills Introductory Workshop

Attended the conflict coaching workshop with the Solution Talk. Was an amazing training with lots of great learning. Participated as the client during the conflict coaching training and I could really experience the perspective shift with wonderful solution focused questions. I enjoyed the roleplays, and sharing of information from delegates and from Laura and Julie. I realised that conflict coaching can be used in any situation to empower the person in conflict to make their life better.

Feedback from a delegate who attended our February / March 2024 Conflict Coaching workshop

The delegate told us that "the interactivity is what makes all the difference, the more immersive the learning, the more retention. It's hard to gain these experimental moments without immersion. I love the dynamics of how you guys operate and look forward to doing whatever comes up next on your calender"

Feedback from delegate who attended our Refresher Mediation Skills workshop

Had a very stimulating and robust workshop session online with a group of mediators doing refresher work on Community Mediation technique. Julie and Laura are terrific hosts, leading group workshops that dig into approaches needed to open up dialogue between the mediator and/or another party. Deep work, great value for their nominal charge. They are consistent and thorough and so kind hearted that the world is better because of them

Feedback from a delegate who attended our Mediation Skills Refresher Workshop on 29 & 30 November

I particularly liked the length and accessibility of having this training via zoom and on two mornings. I like the way you both worked and interacted together. You were not afraid of giving constructive feedback to help my development. Thank you.

Feedback from a delegate who attended our Mediation Skills Refresher Workshop on 29 & 30 November

I enjoyed the variety of interactive elements as well as the delivery from the trainers

The content was organised efficiently and clearly. I found it very engaging

It was a friendly and interactive session that made the skills and ideas accessible

I liked the collaborative informal approach and felt very comfortable providing my input

Very well structured, everythig was explained well and it was very interesting, e

Feedback from a few students who attended our November 2023 "ADR Introduction to Mediation" training delivered at Liverpool University

Excellent information, good role plays and interaction. Engaging activities and trainers. Enjoyed everything, especially the trainers who are very professional and helpful

Feedback from our December 2023 Conflict Coaching Workshop

I attended 2 x half-day, online conflict-coaching workshops. Julie & Laura delivered exceptional content in this brief training programme. The sessions had the perfect mix of structure and spontaneity drawing the trainers' own experiences and that of the group. The handouts were helpful to transfer what we had discussed into our practice. Great value in terms of learning, use of time and cost. Thank you both. Thank you for your continued hard work to upskill the mediation profession.

Feedback from our May 2023 Online "Conflict Coaching Workshop"

I love your energy and you guys radiate warmth. Thanks for the training, always good to hang out with good minds

Feedback from our May 2023 Online "Conflict Coaching Workshop"

Brilliant course, thank you very much, its great to learn new skills in a relaxed, friendly but professional environment. The course was very well facilitated, the course workbook brilliant and all flowed seamlessly. So good I didn't even realise I was being trained. Thank you.

Feedback from our December 2022 Online Conflict Coaching Workshop

Great tutors with loads of personal experience, which really makes the training on point and useful. Very practical. I can take what you covered straight out and use it.

Feedback from our December 2022 Conflict Coaching Workshop


There is no need to enhance the service as it was excellent and I was always kept up to date.

Feedback from an Enforcement Officer following closure of a coaching support referral for a Greater Manchester resident

I just wanted to say that Derek was so wonderful. He is such a kind and insightful person ... I feel a lot better after the call. Thank you so much for your assistance. I appreciate it immensely.

Feedback from a Conflict Coaching client following an initial support session

Thank you, this case was taking up a lot of time and I was concerned about the distress Hannah was experiencing so it is good she is now able to manage.

Feedback from Neighbourhood Housing Officer when we followed up with them regarding our Conflict Coaching service that we provided for one of their tenants

Great support for a very sensitive situation. We're very lucky to have your offer of support for our residents who've been affected by ASB and criminal activity.

Feedback from ASB Service Manager following closure of a Conflict Coaching referral for a victim of Anti Social Behaviour

The referral was picked up by yourselves quickly and you actioned the 1 to 1 support quickly, which is just what my resident needed. I was updated throughout by yourselves and never had to chase for an update. The service you provide is outstanding.

Feedback from an Anti Social Behaviour Case Officer following closure of a Conflict Coaching neighbour referral

The support you provide to my complainants is invaluable, not only for them but for my own casework. It is always a pleasure to refer cases to yourselves, as I have the confidence that everything is actioned in a timely manner, along with regular updates.

Feedback from a Manchester Anti Social Behaviour Officer when we followed up with them after closure of their case

I cannot fault your amazing work. Thank you for the support and work your team put into this referral.

Feedback from an Anti Social Behaviour Case Officer following closure of a Conflict Coaching referral for a Manchester resident

The service was really good and helped me reconsider how I was feeling about the noise and disturbance. It allowed me to take a step back from it and think about it differently and be less reactive. Thank you

Feedback from a Manchester resident about our Conflict Coaching service

In my experience of the service, it was really inspiring and I felt you provided me with a really safe space and helped me recapture my resilience. I really want to thank you for all your help and support.

Feedback from a Manchester resident following closure of their Conflict Coaching case

"I took a lovely call from Cllr xxx today - they were really, really grateful for the service you provided and thought it was excellent. It's fantastic that we can offer this type of quality support, to any victim of ASB, be it a member of the public, an employee, a manager... thank you for providing a brilliant service"

Feedback from a Manchester ASB Service Manager following closure of a Conflict Coaching case

I had my first session with Laura from Solution Talk this morning. I found it incredibly useful – thank you so much for this opportunity. She has given me some useful tips and homework to use for my calls in order to cope better. Also, she has given me a follow-up appointment for in a weeks' time to see how I am doing. I just found it very helpful and insightful.

Feedback from a Call Centre employee (following some very challenging and abusive calls) regarding their experience of the support provided by our Conflict Coaching service

Excellent service as always! I really appreciate the updates at each stage, and the ongoing communication from you. The case remains closed and there has been no further contact or complaints.

Feedback from a Manchester Anti Social Behaviour Team Leader when we followed up with them after closure of their case